Desserts & Tea party

Desserts & Tea Party

We make a selection of homemade desserts…

•Small individual Creme Brulee

•New York cheesecake + Strawberries

•New York cheesecake + Berries

•Strawberry cheesecake

•Vanilla cheesecake

•Death by chocolate + decoration

•Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting + Decoration

•Tart with custard and mixed fruit

•Tart tatin (Peaches / apples)

•Apple Pie

•Lemon meringue pie

•Banoffee Pie


•Verrine of Panacotta with Strawberries

We can do sizes:

 8″ round,       10″ round,       12″ round


 Tea Party Cakes

We also make cakes that are suitable for tea parties.  They can come with freshly whipped cream, jam and butter if required


•Fruit loaves

•Bread pudding



•Bespoke Cupcakes, decorated