Bespoke Cakes

Bespoke designs

At Algarve cakes, we like to custom design your contemporary and elegant cakes so they are more personal to you.
Provide us with a simple design package, and we will help to design your dream cake.   Design packages are little
details about your event, for example a wedding will have flowers, colour schemes, invitations, save the dates, themes…
all of these details will make your dream cake come to life and blend in beautifully with the rest of your wedding.

Dietary Requirements

We cater for all dietary requirements, so if you are allergic for example to gluten or dairy we can make your cake
gluten and dairy free!  We can also make individual cupcakes, for individual guests.

Cake Flavours

We make Traditional English semi rich fruit cakes laden with brandy. These are made 6 months in advance
to let the cake mature.

Also available are a selection of other cakes. Our most popular combinations are…

Vanilla Sponge                                                                  Victoria Sponge

Orange & Carrot Cake                                                      Chocolate Sponge

Red Velvet                                                                          Lemon Sponge

White Chocolate with Raspberries                                 Almond Cake

Oreo Cake                                                                          Carrot and Chocolate Cake

Toffee Cake                                                                        Apple and cinnamon Cake

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

We also have various fillings…

Various Flavoured Buttercreams                                   Jam Various Flavours

Caramel                                                                             Cream Cheese Frosting

Ganache                                                                            Fresh Cream w/ Fresh Berries

…and many more!

We are also quite flexible and can do other alternatives. Just let us know what you have in mind.
Your cakes are custom designed to suit your every need! We use the finest ingredients for your contemporary
and elegant cakes, all of our icings and marzipans used are imported from England to ensure great quality.
All bespoke cakes are individual and vary in many different ways.  All prices are worked out on the ingredients
used and mainly the decoration.  If it is a complicated or detailed design it will take a lot longer to do than
something simple, so you can expect the price to fluctuate.